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"I used to go to the Lexus dealership for my oil changes until i recently found out that not only do they overcharge me for it, but they don't even use full synthetic oil-its just synthetic blend oil! I decided to go  to THE autoshop for an oil change instead and was very happy with the prompt service and price. They didn't try to up sell me on services I didn't need but did point out politely that my rear tires were bald (which was confirmed by my uncle later on that week) and changing them sooner rather than later was something I should consider.  The waiting area was a very clean and inviting environment, which made me really comfortable while waiting for my car. A lot of autoshops are ugly and uninviting and the service managers make me uncomfortable as a woman bc i feel they're trying to take advantage of my lack of automotive knowledge. I am definitely coming back for my tire replacement and major service when they're due! I highly recommend them!"

Trucy N., Tustin, CA

Stopped by to have them check  out my Acura. Have not been overly thrilled with the service I get at the dealership. I have been hearing a noise when I first start my car in the mornings. Anyway, stopped by here and told them what I was experiencing. The guy behind the desk asked me some questions about my car and then told me with my car and the age of it they just need to adjust the valves. Well what a relief. I figured I needed a whole new engine. Plus for the inside guy to know this even with out talking to his tech was impressive to me. Definitely, will be going back and taking my wifes MBZ."

Steven F., Santa Ana, CA

Dropped by for a quick oil change on my girlfriends Scion XB.  Walking through the front door you see the bright (and clean) waiting room.  Spoke to the Service Adviser at the sleek white counter.  He was prompt, knowledgeable and very welcoming.  While I waited for the service, the technician informed me that I had a nail in the sidewall of one the tires.  I was impressed with his eye for detail.  Luckily, my girlfriend had a warranty.  Next time I need service done on her car (or mine) I will definitely be heading to THE Auto Shop."

Khang N., Westminster, CA

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